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TechKewl Phase Change Cooling Vest


TechKewl Phase Change cooling vests provide long-lasting, cooling relief! Phase-change material remains a comfortable 58 degrees Fahrenheit for up to three hours. Lighter and more comfortable than ice vests, reusable and durable, it's no wonder these vests are so popular with mascot performers.

Size M/L fits approximately 100-175 lbs.

Size L/XL fits approximately 175-250 lbs. 


  • V-neck with zipper closure
  • Hook and loop girth and shoulder adjustments
  • 100% cotton vest with thermal liner
  • Includes one set of four Cool Pax.
  • Can deploy extra Cool Pax for continuous cooling.
  • Total Weight (including Cool Pax) - 6 lbs.

Type: mascot