Ben Nye Ultimate FX 18-Color Palette


This Ultimate F/X Palette from Ben Nye Makeup provides ultra-realism for bruises, abrasions, black eyes, burns and character effects.

Includes 18 colors -
  • FX-0 White
  • FX-12 Chrome Yellow
  • FX-121 Goldenrod
  • FW-11 Sallow Green
  • CL-10 Dark Sunburn
  • FX-13 Capillary Stipple
  • FX-31 Fire Red
  • FX-34 Fresh Cut
  • FX-2 Bruise
  • FX-32 Dried Blood
  • FX-5 Dark Burgundy
  • FX-35 Dark Crimson
  • FX-01 Vein
  • FX-10 Sapphire Blue
  • FX-6 Purple
  • FX-72 Black & Blue
  • FX-9 Grey Purple
  • FX-8 Black
Set with Neutral Set Colorless Powder. Cleans up easily with Quick Cleanse or Hydra-Cleanse. Expect 200-750 applications.

Type: makeup