Ben Nye MediaPRO Concealer and Adjuster Palette


  • The best highlights, concealers, adjusters and correctors from Ben Nye Makeup are assembled in this MediaPRO Concealer and Adjuster palette so you can get the job done perfectly.
  • Palette includes favorites such as Mellow Yellow, Tattoo Cover, new maximum coverage DuraCovers and Mojave Adjusters.
  • Silky Texture blends to a natural, matte finish. Requires minimal powder.
  • Includes the shades Coverette CC-0 Ultralite and CC-1 Ultra Fair, Green Concealer GC-1, Mellow Yellow 2 Normal, Tattoo Cover NT-1 , NT-11 and NT-2, DuraCover DV-320, Blue Neutralizer NB-1 and NB-2, Five O'Sharp Beard Cover 1 Studio, Mojave Adjusters SC-18 Burnt Brown, SC-8 Golden Yellow, SC-3 Light Brown, SC-9 Apricot, SC-10 Burnt Orange, and SC-12 Brick, and Special Yellow Highlight HY-1.
  • Expect 300-1000 applications per 1.5 oz/42 g palette.
MediaPRO Concealers, DuraCovers, and Mojave Adjusters create flawless complexions utilizing low-luster, micronized pigments for a natural finish. All offer exceptional coverage to conceal birthmarks, under-eye discoloration, facial blemishes or body art.

Type: makeup

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