Mascot Care Sheet

Caring For Your Mascot

Dear Customer,

Thank you for purchasing your new mascot costume!
With proper care and knowledge of how it was made you will find that following these instructions will bring you years of enjoyment.
Made of a semi-rigid foam rubber that has been sandwiched between two layers of natural latex rubber, this unique design gives the mascot head a solid structure to maintain its shape while providing sufficient flexibility to prevent breakage, should the head be accidentally dropped. After wearing the mascot wipe any moisture from inside the head with a clean cloth. You may also spray a mild cleaner like Simple Green or formula 409 to the inside of the head if you have soiled areas around the neck or chin areas. This will help keep it fresh for your next wearing.
Then lightly powder the inside of the mascot head with talcum powder, for this will help keep any moisture from damaging your mascot. Please read Mascot description if fan is included. Just remember not to wet or clog the Built in Fan (if applicable) on the inside top of the head which is run by a battery. 
Hanging the mascot body out to dry after wearing is the best way to keep the body ready for your next wearing and will insure that it is completely dry. Mascot bodies and mitts are machine washable in a gentle cycle. We do not recommend Dry Cleaning. Wash as you would delicate clothes. Line dry; never put any parts of our costume in a dryer. Brush as needed. Wash mascot feet by hand and line dry as well.
Mascot heads with “flesh” like skin (mostly human mascots) can be cleaned by simply wiping with a damp cloth should their “face” get dirty. Remember the faces are painted with flexible paint but care should be taken not to rub or scratch the surface too hard. Any fur covered areas on the head can also be cleaned with a mild rug or upholstery cleaner BUT avoid hitting any PAINTED areas of the head with the cleaner that have part of the fur on the face painted.
When putting on the mascot for the first time most people forget the shoulder straps. They are included to help keep the mascot head in place on your shoulders. Most of our costumes are made in a jumpsuit style with the zipper in the back. Simply put your legs through the leg openings and pull up on the costume and you’re halfway dressed. Before you put your arms in through the costume, don’t forget the straps, they rest under your arms with your arms running through them. Now you can put your arms inside the costume sleeves and once the costume is zipped up you now have a secure fit and ready to go! Although our mascot feet are padded on the inside bottom, you should have your shoes on before wearing the mascot feet. Once your foot is in, secure the foot with the Velcro on the back.
CAUTION: Our mascots are not made to be worn by children. Never wear mascot costumes in the presence of fire or while smoking. Because your peripheral vision and hearing will be impaired, costumes should not be worn while driving or operating dangerous equipment. In purchasing our product you agree to waive all legal rights pertaining to accidents and /or injuries incurred while wearing or otherwise using our product.
We firmly believe that you have purchased the finest mascot made in the U.S.A.
With these instructions, your new mascot and enjoyment will last for years to come.