Renaissance Costumes

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With Renaissance costumes, you can relive the days of chivalry, court jesters, and damsels in distress. The Renaissance period continues to fascinate the public because of all the scientific, educational, and artistic contributions that changed the world during that time. Now Star Costumes allows you to relive those days for your next special event in all its knightly, gallant, and heroic glory. For men, women, and kids, our catalog is extensive.

Many of these costumes have been designed and crafted with careful attention to period accuracy, including recreations of articles worn during the Medieval and Renaissance eras. Build your costume on a foundation of Renaissance undergarments, including chemises, bum rolls and farthingales. Add touches like bracers, hats, and belts to complete the look. Fair ladies, peasant lasses, noble gentlemen and roguish outlaws - all these characters come to life with the right Renaissance costume.