Desert Bighorn Mascot Costume

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$ 1,645.00 USD

This Desert Bighorn Mascot Costume includes a character head, jumpsuit, parade mitts and Feet. It is uniquely designed, sculpted, manufactured and hand-painted by a team of skilled artisans. The mascot character head is constructed out of light-weight, molded foam and latex for superior durability and detail unmatched by rigid construction techniques. The mascot head comes with a screened vision panel that allows you to see without being seen, extra ventilation panels, and exclusive built-in fans to help keep you cool! This mascot costume includes quality features like a contoured neckline which allows for a comfortable fit on your shoulders. Since the mascot head does not attach to your head or neck, you have free movement of you head while wearing this costume with no more sore neck muscles. The shoulder straps keep your mascot head in place while moving around or bending forward.

Made in the USA!