Hawk Mascot Costume

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$ 1,395.00 USD

Hurray for the Hawks! Let's hear it for the Falcons! This Hawk or Falcon Mascot Costume is just what you've been looking for to fly your team to new heights. Costume includes the head, brown body with wing-style arms, feathery fur, and a tail, yellow tights, and yellow bird feet. Vision is through the mouth.

This professional-quality mascot costume is made to order in the USA. Please allow 2-3 weeks for construction.

This durable mascot costume is built to withstand heavy use, with neoprene soles on the feet, reinforced seams, and professional-grade materials. A complimentary mascot care kit is included with suggested care items to improve the look and increase the life of your mascot.

One size fits most adults, from 5'4" to 6'2".